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Selonians are well known for their strong family ties, but there is a dark side to these tribal bonds. Conflicts between competing tribes can erupt into deadly feuds and terrible violence. The gun-for-hire

"Deadeye" Leyta was the unquestioned victor of one such conflict when she single-handedly blasted every member of a rival family that had oppressed hers for years. Given the enormity of the carnage--and the likelihood of reprisals--Leyta left her homeworld of Corellia and settled in the deserts of Tatooine, where she could at least spot potential assassins from a safe distance.

Leyta quickly established herself as one of the planet's best mercenaries, taking jobs from anyone willing to pay. She continues to settle disputes in her own fashion, which usually ensures there's no one left to make any trouble. The arrival of an Eternal Empire Star Fortress in orbit gave Leyta her biggest target yet, and she jumped at the chance to aid the Alliance Commander in blowing it out of the sky.

~ The Quick Shot on Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire


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