Lieutenant is a rank widely used in military, paramilitary or police organizations, normally borne by low-ranking commissioned officers. It is higher than a Second Lieutenant and lower than a Captain.

In space fleets, most Lieutenants are found in command of small vessels, as senior officers aboard medium-sized vessels and as junior and mid-ranking command personnel on large capital ships.

Surface forces often saw Lieutenants holding the lowest level of field commands (such as platoons in the Imperial Army), as aides to more senior officers, or as vehicle operators.

lieutenants are given command of fleets and ground forces

Starfighter forces placed lieutenants as junior officers, rarely any higher in the command hierarchy than lead plane of a wing-pair. Even a flight of three or four fighters is rarely led by a lieutenant, although exceptions are made when there is a general lack of senior or experienced officers.

Somewhat confusingly, in the starfighter forces of both the Imperial military and the Galactic Republic, the title "lieutenant" could be used to address not only Flight Lieutenants, but also the more junior Flight officers.

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