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A lockbox is a container which holds credits, armor, weapons, or consumables. They are classified with a number from 1 to 6 and an Item Roll Level. The class and level indicates the number of credits and level of items within a lockbox.


Lockboxes can be obtained from the Crew Skills Slicing (missions and nodes) and Treasure Hunting, as mission rewards, or purchased from commendation vendors.



Credit lockboxes contain credits only.

Credit Lockboxes
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 9 Class 10
Unsecured Small Credit Box Simple Small Credit Box Reinforced Small Credit Box Gilded Small Credit Box Jeweled Small Credit Box Ancient Small Credit Box Small Mythra Credit Box Primeval Small Credit Box
Unsecured Medium Credit Box Simple Medium Credit Box Reinforced Medium Credit Box Gilded Medium Credit Box Jeweled Medium Credit Box Ancient Medium Credit Box Medium Mythra Credit Box Primeval Medium Credit Box
Unsecured Large Credit Box Simple Large Credit Box Reinforced Large Credit Box Gilded Large Credit Box Jeweled Large Credit Box Ancient Large Credit Box Large Mythra Credit Box Primeval Large Credit Box
Unsecured Small Credit Case Simple Small Credit Case Reinforced Small Credit Case
Reinforced Small Credit Case
Gilded Small Credit Case Jeweled Small Credit Case Ancient Small Credit Case
Unsecured Medium Credit Case Simple Medium Credit Case Reinforced Medium Credit Case Gilded Medium Credit Case Jeweled Medium Credit Case Ancient Medium Credit Case
Unsecured Large Credit Case Simple Large Credit Case Reinforced Large Credit Case Gilded Large Credit Case Jeweled Large Credit Case Ancient Large Credit Case
Rudimentary Small Credit Box Standard Small Credit Box Heavy Small Credit Box
Heavy Small Credit Box
Ornate Small Credit Box Black Market Small Credit Box Small Hollinium Credit Box Small Reinforced Transparisteel Credit Box
Rudimentary Medium Credit Box Standard Medium Credit Box Heavy Medium Credit Box Ornate Medium Credit Box Black Market Medium Credit Box Medium Hollinium Credit Box Medium Reinforced Transparisteel Credit Box
Rudimentary Large Credit Box Standard Large Credit Box Heavy Large Credit Box Ornate Large Credit Box Black Market Large Credit Box Large Hollinium Credit Box Large Reinforced Transparisteel Credit Box
Rudimentary Small Credit Case Standard Small Credit Case Heavy Small Credit Case Ornate Small Credit Case Black Market Small Credit Case Primeval Small Credit Case
Rudimentary Medium Credit Case Standard Medium Credit Case Heavy Medium Credit Case Ornate Medium Credit Case Black Market Medium Credit Case Primeval Medium Credit Case
Rudimentary Large Credit Case Standard Large Credit Case Heavy Large Credit Case Ornate Large Credit Case Black Market Large Credit Case Primeval Large Credit Case


Mission lockboxes contain armor or weapons.

Mission Lockboxes
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10 Class 11
Unsecured Mission Box Simple Mission Box Reinforced Mission Box Gilded Mission Box Jeweled Mission Box Ancient Mission Box Small Hollinium Mission Box
Unsecured Premium Mission Box Simple Premium Mission Box Reinforced Premium Mission Box Gilded Premium Mission Box Jeweled Premium Mission Box Ancient Premium Mission Box Medium Hollinium Mission Box
Unsecured Prototype Mission Box Simple Prototype Mission Box Reinforced Prototype Mission Box Gilded Prototype Mission Box Jeweled Prototype Mission Box Ancient Prototype Mission Box Large Hollinium Mission Box
Unsecured Mission Case Simple Mission Case Reinforced Mission Case Gilded Mission Case Jeweled Mission Case Small Mythra Mission Box
Unsecured Premium Mission Case Simple Premium Mission Case Reinforced Premium Mission Case Gilded Premium Mission Case Jeweled Premium Mission Case Medium Mythra Mission Box
Unsecured Prototype Mission Case Simple Prototype Mission Case Reinforced Prototype Mission Case Gilded Prototype Mission Case Jeweled Prototype Mission Case Large Mythra Mission Box
Rudimentary Mission Box Standard Mission Box Heavy Mission Box Ornate Mission Box Black Market Mission Box Small Reinforced Transparisteel Mission Box
Rudimentary Premium Mission Box Standard Premium Mission Box Heavy Premium Mission Box Ornate Premium Mission Box Black Market Premium Mission Box Medium Reinforced Transparisteel Mission Box
Rudimentary Prototype Mission Box Standard Prototype Mission Box Heavy Prototype Mission Box Ornate Prototype Mission Box Black Market Prototype Mission Box Large Reinforced Transparisteel Mission Box
Rudimentary Mission Case Standard Mission Case Heavy Mission Case Ornate Mission Case Black Market Mission Case
Rudimentary Premium Mission Case Standard Premium Mission Case Heavy Premium Mission Case Ornate Premium Mission Case Black Market Premium Mission Case
Rudimentary Prototype Mission Case Standard Prototype Mission Case Heavy Prototype Mission Case Ornate Prototype Mission Case Black Market Prototype Mission Case
Grade 1 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 2 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 3 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 4 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 5 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 6 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 7 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 8 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 9 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 10 Treasure Hunting Lockbox Grade 11 Treasure Hunting Lockbox


PvP lockboxes contain consumables and armor or weapons.

PvP Lockboxes
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6
Unsecured Premium PvP Box Simple Premium PvP Box Reinforced Premium PvP Box Gilded Premium PvP Box Jeweled Premium PvP Box Ancient Premium PvP Box
Rudimentary Premium PvP Box Standard Premium PvP Box Heavy Premium PvP Box Ornate Premium PvP Box Black Market Premium PvP Box


Storage lockboxes contain armor or weapons.

Storage Lockboxes
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 10
Unsecured Premium Storage Box Simple Premium Storage Box Reinforced Premium Storage Box Gilded Premium Storage Box Jeweled Premium Storage Box Ancient Premium Storage Box Primeval Premium Storage Box
Unsecured Prototype Storage Box Simple Prototype Storage Box Reinforced Prototype Storage Box Gilded Prototype Storage Box Jeweled Prototype Storage Box Ancient Prototype Storage Box Primeval Prototype Storage Box
Unsecured Artifact Storage Box Simple Artifact Storage Box Reinforced Artifact Storage Box Gilded Artifact Storage Box Jeweled Artifact Storage Box Ancient Artifact Storage Box Primeval Artifact Storage Box
Unsecured Premium Storage Case Simple Premium Storage Case Reinforced Premium Storage Case Gilded Premium Storage Case Jeweled Premium Storage Case Ancient Premium Storage Case
Unsecured Prototype Storage Case Simple Prototype Storage Case Reinforced Prototype Storage Case Gilded Prototype Storage Case Jeweled Prototype Storage Case Ancient Prototype Storage Case
Unsecured Artifact Storage Case Simple Artifact Storage Case Reinforced Artifact Storage Case Gilded Artifact Storage Case Jeweled Artifact Storage Case Ancient Artifact Storage Case
Rudimentary Premium Storage Box Standard Premium Storage Box Heavy Premium Storage Box Ornate Premium Storage Box Black Market Premium Storage Box
Rudimentary Prototype Storage Box Standard Prototype Storage Box Heavy Prototype Storage Box Ornate Prototype Storage Box Black Market Prototype Storage Box
Rudimentary Artifact Storage Box Standard Artifact Storage Box Heavy Artifact Storage Box Ornate Artifact Storage Box Black Market Artifact Storage Box
Rudimentary Premium Storage Case Standard Premium Storage Case Heavy Premium Storage Case Ornate Premium Storage Case Black Market Premium Storage Case Primeval Premium Storage Case
Rudimentary Prototype Storage Case Standard Prototype Storage Case Heavy Prototype Storage Case Ornate Prototype Storage Case Black Market Prototype Storage Case Primeval Prototype Storage Case
Rudimentary Artifact Storage Case Standard Artifact Storage Case Heavy Artifact Storage Case Ornate Artifact Storage Case Black Market Artifact Storage Case Primeval Artifact Storage Case