Lord was a title of nobility, deity, and, in past times, a military rank, such as a Jedi Lord. The female version of Lord was Lady. It was in common use among the Sith, usually used in lieu of Darth when formally referring to Dark Lords.  During the New Sith Wars, various high-ranking Jedi also held the rank, including Hoth, Saleeh, Gale and Valenthyne Farfalla.  As a title of nobility, it was recognized by many different worlds as a position of power and authority. Many societies incorporated the title in their way of life and/or as a part of their governments. Several examples include:      Lords and Ladies of the noble Houses of the Expanse of the Tapani sector. Lord Tion of the House of Tion of the Tion Hegemony. Lord Crueya Vandron of House Vandron of the Senex Sector, Imperial Advisor.

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