Lord Scourge

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Galactic Republic Lord Scourge Galactic Republic
Lord Scourge

[[Jedi Knight]] companion

Allegiance: [[Galactic Republic]]
Species: [[Sith Pureblood]]
Gender: Male
Planet: [[Hoth]]
Weapon(s): Lightsabers

Lord Scourge is a Sith Pureblood of the Sith Empire. However, despite his background, he is an unlikely companion of the Jedi Knight player character.

Likes/Dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • Likes: Using power against the weak, power, anger, revenge and spite
  • Dislikes: Greed, acts of mercy, Jedi and Republic authorities

Gifts[edit | edit source]

Lord Scourge prefers Imperial Memorabilia and Technology.

Lord Scourge Gift Preferences
Cultural Imperial Luxury Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
Like Favorite - Like Like Favorite Love Like Like

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Lord Scourge is voiced by actor Joseph Gatt.

Codex[edit | edit source]

"As the Sith Emperor’s personal executioner, the grimly fatalistic Lord Scourge has personally killed more than a hundred Jedi–and ten times as many Sith. Even the most powerful members of the Dark Council avoid offending the man bearing the title “the Emperor’s Wrath.” Lord Scourge has dutifully served the Empire for over three hundred years, his life unnaturally prolonged by perverse technology and his master’s dark side powers. Centuries spent watching his fellow Sith Lords rise and fall has given Lord Scourge a unique perspective on people. He can analyze someone’s flaws after only brief observation, and freely shares his perceptions (whether they’re wanted or not)."

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