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Lucky Lancer
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Production information
Technical specifications
2 Dual laser cannons
Armed transport
"The Lucky Lancer is the most famous Corellian ship in the galaxy."

The Lucky Lancer was a Rendaran-class assault shuttle famous for surviving over one hundred combat missions during the Great Galactic War. After it was retired, the Lucky Lancer was preserved in the Corellian Museum of Starships. During the Cold War, the Trooper had to decide whether to have it moved or destroyed, in order to secure a landing zone for the Republic Army.


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Lucky Lancer

Lucky Lancer codex.

"By far the biggest attraction at the Corellian Museum of Starships is the assault shuttle “The Lucky Lancer.” This Rendaran-class vessel a predecessor to the modern Fortitude-class flew over one hundred combat missions during the last war; by comparison, the second-most famous starship on display survived ten missions. Whether through the quality of her crew or the whims of fate, The Lucky Lancer more than lived up to her name. The ship’s most celebrated mission involved delivering a payload of improvised short-range torpedoes created from transparisteel tubing and hundreds of thermal detonators. The Lucky Lancer threaded a deadly gauntlet of Imperial starfighters to close to within a kilometer of the enemy’s flagship. The payload was delivered directly into the Imperial vessel’s engines, destroying it in one shot."
The Lucky Lancer (Trooper) In game Codex entry (Codex/Lore)[src]
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