"A Voss Mystic who exiled himself rather than taint his people with his unpopular and heretical ideas, Madaga-Ru lives as a hermit in the dangerous wilds outside the city of Voss-Ka. If asked, he admits to preferring this way of life over the false pretenses of his people’s civilization; Madaga-Ru judges his fellow Voss as living in denial and only “seeing” what they want to see. Despite this disapproval of his culture, Madaga-Ru remains a true believer in the fundamental Voss way of life–a way of balance, simplicity and faith in the visions of the Mystics. Those who refuse to respect Mystic philosophy or deliberately break Voss law receive Madaga-Ru’s stern admonishment."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Madaga-Ru is a male Voss Mystic living during the Galactic War.

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