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"At first glance, Mako’s relationship with Braden seems more like that of a father and daughter than members of a team of professional bounty hunters–and that assessment wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Orphaned and homeless but with an uncanny instinct for computing, Mako had been living as a freelance slicer in the shadows of Nar Shaddaa’s underbelly… until the day Braden pulled the girl bleeding out of an alley, and paid a street surgeon to patch her blaster burns. Recognizing talent and trouble when he saw it, Braden took Mako under his wing and has been looking after her as his own ever since. But while Mako loves the old man more than anything, her independent nature is beginning to chafe under Braden’s protectiveness."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Mako is the first companion for the Bounty Hunter class, joining the mercenary when he/she leaves Hutta. She is a romance option to a male Bounty Hunter. It is revealed during the Jedi Consular storyline she knew Qyzen Fess at one point.


Nobody on Nar Shaddaa knows quite where Mako came from but everyone agrees she was born to be a slicer. By the time she was seven it was clear she had an unnatural affinity for all things computer-related and she quickly taught herself all known programming languages. At eight, Mako crashed the accounts of a Red Light Sector orphanage that was attempting to sell her to the highest bidder. With credits in hand and marketable skills she soon found herself running with some of the more notorious slicer gangs on Nar Shaddaa.

Years later Mako was found wounded in an alley by an aging bounty hunter named Braden. He needed a tech specialist for his crew and she needed to get off the moon until the job her "friends" had so spectacularly blown faded a bit from memory. With Braden and his crew, Mako discovered a love of underground bounty hunter culture, a code of honor that gave her life structure and most importantly, her first real family.


Mako is a female cyborg discovered by Braden on Nar Shaddaa. She was hired by him to provide intel and tech for the Bounty Hunter in the Great Hunt which she is an expert about. 

Mako first meets the bounty hunter when the character first arrives on Hutta. Shortly after, Braden and Jory are found dead in their base, killed by Tarro Blood, the first main advisary of the Bounty Hunter. She at first blames the bounty hunter for their deaths, but after him/her asking for her to calm down and think, she realizes she was mistaken and dedicates herself to avenging Braden and Jory. She stays on and helps the bounty hunter continue his/her quest to get into the Great Hunt


Mako generally likes it when the player makes light-side decisions but charges the NPC heavily for it. Think: mercenary with a conscience. She loves it when you tell the Sith that you don't work for them and do what you want.


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  • Stances: Med Watch (healing) and Blaster Stance (damage)
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  • Welcome Mako


"I'm a slicer, not a psychic. What's on your mind?"
"I'm not just a pretty side-kick buster!"

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