Mako's Gloves

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Mako's Gloves
Mako's Gloves
Binds on Pickup
Medium Armor (Rating 24)
   51 Armor
Durability: 100/100
Total Stats:
   +8 Mastery
   +9 Endurance

Requires Mako
Requires Medium Armor

Mako's Gloves are Premium-quality hands slot Medium Armor. They can be obtained by the Bounty Hunter as a mission reward for completion of the level 10 mission Return of the Warrior, on the planet Hutta. They can only be equipped by Mako, one of the Bounty Hunter's companions.

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Mission reward[edit | edit source]

Mako's Gloves are obtained as a mission reward upon completion of the mission Return of the Warrior.

Mission reward
Icon class bountyhunter.png Icon class imperialagent.png [10] Return of the Warrior

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