"Mannett Point was orginally founded by Ord Mantellian pirates as an underground vault for their ill-gotten gains. As their criminal haven became respectable, the pirates were eventually replaced by "businessmen" who converted the subterranean warehouses into a freight shipping center. Goods that landed at Fort Garnik were sorted at Mannett Point and then distributed across Ord Mantell. After the establishment of Fort Garnik, the Republic military continued using Mannett Point to store munitions and war material. This would prove to be a fatal mistake. Separatists staged a daring midnight raid that destroyed the bridge between Mannett Point and Fort Garnik, cutting off reinforcements. Separatists commandos swarmed Mannett Point under cover of darkness, using the chaos from the bridge's destruction to infiltrate the warehouses. The separatists quickly slaughtered the Republic defenders to a man. By dawn, Mannett Point was a separatist stronghold -- giving the Republic's enemy a major storehouse of weapons and supplies to continue beseiging Fort Garnik."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]





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