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Marksmanship, relative Sharpshooter is the Ranged DPS Discipline for Snipers and Gunslingers. It is one of 18 different DPS Disciplines.

List of Marksmanship\Sharpshooter Skills

Skill Marksmanship Skill Sharpshooter Level Activation
Ambush Aimed Shot 10 Active
Utility Point 11 Passive
Accurized Rifle Accurized Blasters 12 Passive
Zeroing Shots Charged Aim 16 Passive
Utility Point 19 Passive
Precision Ambush Sharp Aim 20 Passive
Heavy Diversion Percussive Diversion 24 Passive
Penetrating Blasts Penetrating Rounds 26 Active
Utility Point 27 Passive
Headshot Aim High 28 Passive
Sniper's Nest Foxhole 32 Passive
Utility Point 35 Passive
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire 36 Passive
Between the Eyes Slick Shooter 40 Passive
Followthrough Trickshot 41 Active
Utility Point 43 Passive
Recoil Control Recoil Control 44 Passive
Muzzle Fluting Smoking Barrels 48 Passive
Utility Point 51 Passive
Portable Bunker Stay Low 52 Passive
Imperial Assassin Deadeye 56 Passive
Sniper Volley Burst Volley 57 Active
Honed Shots Honed Shots 59 Passive
Utility Point 60 Passive