Marksmanhip is one of the three Disciplines avaible for the Sniper Advanced Class. It focuses on Long-Range Sustained Damage.

One perfect shot has the potential to change everything, and no one is more percise that the Marksmanship Sniper. From the safety of the cover, the Marksmanship Sniper ambushes the enemy and follows up with an encore of Penetrating blasts that make extra sure the Sniper's job is done.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Ambush 30m 15s Fires a high-powered shot that deals [x] damage.
26 Penetrating Blasts 30m 15s Fires a number of blasts that deal [x] weapon damage and sunder the target for 45 seconds. Sundered targets have their armor rating reduced by 20%. Consumes 20 energy over the duration of the channel. Shares a cooldown with Series of Shots.
41 Followthrough 30m 9s Fires a well-controlled follow-up shot at the target that deals [x] weapon damage. Only usable within the 5 seconds immediately following a Snipe, Ambush, Takedown, or a complete Penetrating Blasts.
57 Sniper Volley 45s Immeditately finishes the cooldown on Penetrating Blasts, increases base Energy regeneration rate by 2 per second, and increases Alacrity by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds.
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