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Marksmanship is a skill tree of the Imperial Agent's Sniper advanced class.[1] This tree focuses on long-range burst damage.

The following table contains the abilities that can be gained from this tree;

Skill tree abilities

Ambush 30m Cooldown: 15 Seconds Fires a High-Powered shot at the target, dealing [x] weapon damage.
Penetrating Blasts 30m Cooldown: 15 Seconds Fires a number of blasts that deal [x] weapon damage and sunder the target for 45 seconds. Sundered targets have their armor rating reduced by 20%. Consumes 20 energy over the course of the channel. Shares a cooldown with Series of Shots.
Followthrough 30m Cooldown: 9 Seconds Fires a well-controlled follow-up shot at the target dealing high damage. Only usable within the 5 seconds immediately following a Snipe, Ambush, Takedown, or a complete Penetrating Blasts.
Sniper Volley Cooldown: 45 Seconds Immediately finishes the cooldown of Series of Shots, increases base energy regeneration by 2 per second, and increases Alacrity by 10%. Lasts 15 Seconds.


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