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Matrix cubes are constructed from matrix shards which can be placed in a character's relic slot. The color crystals used in constructing the cube will determine the stats of the finished relic. Higher level crystals will give better stats as well.

Matrix shards & locations

Matrix cube tiers

Tier 2 (Level 15)

Tier 3 (Level 24)

Tier 4 (Level 32)

Tier 7 (Level 50)

Force Users:

  • Matrix Cube M7-Y3 52 Str, 60 End, 18 Def - YYY
  • Matrix Cube M7-G0 58 Str, 50 End, 24 Crit - GGG
  • Matrix Cube M7-R3 58 Will, 50 End, 24 Crit - RRR
  • Matrix Cube 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit (Possibly bugged since force users have no use for Aim) - BBB

Tech Users:

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