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"This is chieftain of Clan Varad. Whoever you are, you challenged the wrong ship."
―Mavrix Varad addressing the invaders of the Allusis.

Mavrix Varad was a male Human Mandalorian chieftain of Clan Varad who lived during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. Mavrix Varad was very known for being bloodthirsty and ruthless, to the point that Mandalore the Vindicated consider him as a "a rancor foaming at the mouth". He is also the final boss character in the Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint.

Codex Entry

Achievement: You have defeated Mavrix Varad in the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint.


Flame Burst
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 9sec
Rocket Jump
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 10sec



Hard Mode

Binds on Equip
Light Armor (Rating 126)
257 Armor

Total Stats:
Requires Level 50
Requires Light Armor

Normal Mode

Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 64)
376 Armor

Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
+33 Strength
+27 Endurance
+15 Critical Rating
Item Modifications
Armoring (26)
+15 Strength
+10 Endurance
Mod (26)
+18 Strength
+7 Endurance
Enhancement (26)
+10 Endurance
+15 Critical Rating
Requires Level 25
Requires Heavy Armor