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Meetra Surik was a charismatic female Human Jedi Master who, while still a Padawan, followed Revan and Malak to war against the Mandalorians, in defiance of the Jedi Council. Because of this she was exiled from the Jedi Order and came to be known as the Jedi Exile.



Artists rendition of The Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik.

Just prior to Revan and Malak's fall to the dark side and the Jedi Civil War, Meetra Surik returned to Republic space to face trial with the Jedi Council and was stripped of her connection to the Force, exiled from the Order and spent several years wandering the galaxy.

The near extermination of the Jedi Order at the hands of the Sith Triumvirate resulted in her reconnecting to the Force and leading a desperate fight to stop the Sith. During her mission to stop the Sith, she trained the Jedi that would eventually rebuild the Order and restore peace to the galaxy. She then returned to the Unknown regions to find and aid Revan.

The Mandalorian Wars

Going against the orders of the Jedi Council (which were for the Jedi to refrain from engaging in combat with the Mandalorians), Meetra Surik joined the Revanchists, along with many fellow Jedi, to aid the Republic against the Mandalorian invasion. During this conflict the exile developed into an excellent strategist and tactician and rose to the rank of Jedi Knight and a General witin the Republic Military.

It was as a General that she led the Republic forces to a costly but important victory against the Mandalorian stronghold on Onderon's junglemoon Dxun, a victory that would decide the outcome of the war and set the stage for the next and final battle of the Mandalorian Wars, the Battle of Malachor V.

The Battle of Malachor V was a trap. The bait was a battered and weakened fleet, consisting of troops loyal to Revan, led by Surik. Once the Mandalorians caught up with their prey, Revan—who held back with a large force, engaged and pushed the Mandalorians back to the surface of the planet. When the Mandalorians were in position Surik gave the command to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, a super weapon that created a gravitational vortex that crushed the planet and pulled anything close into it. The Mandalorian fleet was defeated, but with terrible losses on both sides. The near simultaneous deaths of tens of thousands created an enormous wound in the Force, the backlash of which could be felt across the Galaxy and deafened the Exiles inner senses from the Force.

While Revan took his fleet and left for the Outer Regions, Surik choose to return to the Order to face judgement by the Jedi Council, who banished Surik from the Order and sent her into exile.

The First Jedi Purge

In another attempt to lure out the Sith that had been killing from the shadows during the period that is known as the First Jedi Purge, Jedi Master Atris released information that would lead them - and other factions, to Meetra Surik. It wasn't long before the Sith, the Exchange and Darth Traya, a.k.a. Kreia, crossed paths with the Republic cruiser that ferried Surik to Telos, Harbinger. The confrontation led to the destruction of the Peragus mining Facility and the death of its crew as well as that of the Harbinger.

On Telos, Surik met with Jedi Master Atris, who had established a kind of Academy in the polar region of Telos, and was tasked by her with a mission to find the remaining council members and request them to gather on Dantooine for a council. This quest would bring Surik to visit Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, Telos IV and Onderon as well as it's moon Dxun.


Telos had suffered badly from Malak's destructive warfare and the Republic was now heavily investing in a huge and costly attempt to restore life to the planet, the succes or failure of which would dictate the future of the Republic as a collaborative union of planets.

But the reconstruction of Telos was in danger. After Surik arrived on Telos Cotadel Station she, allong with Kreia and Atton Rand were put in a Force cage. They were attacked by an assasin, but he was defeated. Grenn later established an appartment but Surik was freed for lack of evidences. They realized that the Ebon Hawk was stolen and that Czerka was attempting to sabotage the reconstruction of the surface of Telos, on top of which the destruction of the Peragus mining facility posed a severe and immediate threat to the success of the Republic's efforts. Before meeting with Atris, Surik managed to reduce the threat posed by Czerka, but it would take a journey to Nar Shaddaa and a skirmish with the Exchange to restore fuel delivery to the orbital stations. Some time later, they found Bao-Dur who helped them reach Atris. Meetra agreed to help Atris find the lost Jedi and went in search of them.


Dantooine had suffered from he destruction of the Jedi Enclave by Malak and was struggling to survive. For the Republic, Dantooine was an important outpost within the outer regions and its survival as a member of the Republic held great significance to the entire region. A small government community known as[Khoonda was attempting to make Dantooine habital and more eco-friendly for settlers when Surik arrived, but were being pestered by a vicious group of mercenaries led by a battle-scarred ex-Sith soldier named Azkul. When Surik had come to Dantooine in search of Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, she was caught up in the struggle between Khoonda and the mercenaries. Siding with Khoonda, Surik entered the Jedi Enclave and after some time, she found Mical, who agreed to join her on her quest and found clues of Vrook's location. She then rescued Lamar from being sold to the Exchange and stopped Azkul from attacking Khoonda and killing its administrator.

Nar Shaddaa

On Nar Shaddaa, Surik became the primary target of a league of bounty hunters that were attempting to claim a bounty posted on her by the Exchange. Eventually, her quest to find the source of the bounty led her to Visquis, a Quarren crime lord with supposed ties to the mysterious client that posted the bounty. With help from the famous bounty hunter Mira, Surik entered Visquis' arena and met with him, but the Quarren proved to be a poor source of information. Visquis attempted to capture Surik and claim the bounty himself, using gas but ended up being murdered by Goto's soldiers, the true culprit behind the bounty. Surik was then captured by Goto, but lucky for her, Mira located her companions and after changing the Ebon Hawk's ID signatures, they boarded Goto's yacht, rescued her, and destroyed the vessel. Shortly after the skirmish, Mira led Surik to Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, and sent him to Dantooine.


En route to Onderon the Ebon Hawk was attacked by the Onderon Military and forced to land on the jungle moon Dxun. Dxun had played a vital role during the Mandalorian Wars as the primary Mandalorian stronghold. It wasn't until Surik (who at the time was a general serving under Revan) had driven the Mandalorians from this moon during the Second Battle of Dxun that the Republic truly began to gain the upper hand in the conflict.

Arriving on Dxun, Surik found that several Mandalorians had returned and were working under the leadership of a new Mandalore to build a new future. This time the encounter was on more friendly terms and after gaining respect from the clan, Surik was given passage to Onderon, with the new Mandalore and former companion to Revan, Canderous Ordo pledged as companion.


During Surik's journey, Onderon, a recent member of the Republic and supplier of much of the wildlife that was used for the reconstruction of Telos, was plagued by a civil war between factions following the current ruler, Queen Talia, and a group of separatists led by General Vaklu, who had secretly allied with the Sith. The secession of Onderon from the Republic would have not only jeopardised the restoration of Telos, it was feared that many other worlds would also break from the Republic if Onderon were to secede.

Fortunately, the timely arrival of Surik allowed Talia to finally gain the upper hand in the conflict. With two Jedi Knights on her side (Surik and Jedi Master Kavar), Talia was able to terminate the Sith threat that was operating on both Onderon and Dxun and thwarted Vaklu. After the war ended, Vaklu was executed, and Onderon remained with the Republic.

Return to Dantooine

Once all of the Jedi Masters had been found, Surik went back to Dantooine to unite them against the Sith. However, when she confronted them, they told her that they had exiled her not because she followed Revan to war, but because of the enormous wound in the Force she created when she ordered the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V. Fearing that she would become a threat greater than the Sith, the masters refused to allow Surik back into the Order and decided to cut off her connection to the Force permanently.

Before they could even begin, Kreia entered the scene and murdered the three masters by cutting off their own connections to the Force. Leaving Surik, Kreia left with Atris' handmaidens to Telos, where she confronted Atris and opened her up to the dark side. Surik arrived on Telos sometime later, and battled Atris but did not kill her.

Battle of Telos

After taking care of Atris, Surik and her companions returned to Citadel Station, which was under attack by Darth Nihilus. With help from Canderous Ordo, his Mandalorians, and Nihilus' old pupil Visas Marr, Surik stopped the Sith from sabotaging the station's fuel supply and infultrated the Dark Lord's flagship, the Ravager. Here, they learned that the attack on Telos was orchestrated entirely by Kreia so that the Sith could be lured out of hiding and killed by the Republic before their unchecked power would cause the destruction of the galaxy itself. Surik, Ordo, and Marr confronted Nihilus on the bridge, and after an intense and epic duel. At first, it seemed that they were no match for the Dark Lord himself, but Surik figured out a way to weaken him by making Marr enter a trance and sever the bond between her and Nihilus, weaking him slightly. Surik then battled the Dark Lord again and defeated him. The three then escaped the doomed vessel and the rest of the Sith forces were destroyed, saving Telos.

Afterwards, Surik met Admiral Carth Onasi and Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, who were both close companions to Revan during the Jedi Civil War. They told her of how Revan remembered something horrible somewhere in the Unknown Regions and was forced to leave his loved ones behind in order to stop it. Onasi and Shan requested that Surik go and look for Revan whenever she got the chance.

Malachor V

After Telos, Surik traveled to Malachor V to stop Kreia and Sion from causing the death of the Force. On the surface, Surik was attacked by the planet's vicious wildlife and eventually came across the Trayus Academy. She saved her imprisoned companions and fought her way through dozens of Sith until she came across Sion. After a brutal lightsaber duel, Surik was able to convince Sion to let go of the Force and die. She finally faced off against Kreia in the planet's core and defeated her, convincing her to return to the Force even after all the atrocities she had committed. Before escaping the planet, Surik ordered Bao-Dur to reactivate the Mass Shadow Generator and destroy Malachor for good.

Dromund Kaas

With the threat of the Sith Lords finally taken care of, Surik returned to Telos where she bid goodbye to her companions, and left with Revan's utility droid, T3-M4, into the Unknown Regions in search of Revan. Surik eventually caught up to Revan on Dromund Kaas and together, they fought the Sith Emperor of the hidden Sith Empire. A Sith Lord named Scourge killed Surik during the battle and Revan was made a prisoner. Although she died, Surik was able to communicate with Revan through the Force, to help him endure the imprisonment by lending him her strength.

300 years later

See The Jedi Entity

When the Sith Emperor unleashed his army against the Republic, Meetra Surik contacted Oteg, a Jedi Master and instructed him to free an important Jedi, held captive in a prison on the Sith World of Taral V. Oteg then dispatched a team that is able to free the mysterious Jedi revealed to be Revan. Meetra Surik then appears to her former mentor, angry that he could no longer influence the emperor's mind, and urging him to fulfill his objective of destroying the Emperor. She then disappears, presumably became one with the force.

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