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Every Discipline of the Mercenary and the Commando has the same Utility Points.

List of Mercenary/Commando Utility Points[]

Utility Point Mercenary Utility Point Commando Tier
Jet Escape Tenacious Defense Skillful
Afterburners Concussive Force Skillful
Custom Enviro Suit Heavy Trooper Skillful
Gyroscopic Alignment Jets Parallactic Combat Stims Skillful
Improved Vents Cell Capacitor Skillful
Power Barrier Charged Barrier Skillful
Boresights Chain Gunnery Skillful
Adhesive Supplements Sticky Mods Skillful
Torque Boosters Advance the Line Masterful
Pyro Shield Electro Shield Masterful
Infrared Sensors Nightvision Scope Masterful
Suit FOE Suit FOE Masterful
Protective Field Med Zone Masterful
Power Shield Combat Shield Masterful
Heat Damping Efficient Conversions Masterful
Supercharged Defense Supercharged Defense Masterful
Energy Rebounder Reflexive Shield Heroic
Power Overrides Overclock Heroic
Stabilized Armor Shock Absorbers Heroic
Jet Rebounder Reflexive Battery Heroic
Supercharged Reserves Supercharged Reserves Heroic
Kolto Jets Kolto Wave Heroic
Thrill of the Hunt Forced March Heroic
Smoke Screen Smoke Screen Heroic