Mercy is a mission available on the Republic starting planet of Ord Mantell.


  • Mission Giver: Sergeant Hurd
  • Location: Fort Garnik
  • Objective: Recover the stolen medicine
  • Mission Ender: Sergeant Hurd or Yael
  • Rewards: Hardened Plastifold Boots

Codex Entry

Sergeant Hurd discovered that the medicine has been stolen from Fort Garnik's stock. A Cathar named Yael admitted to stealing the medicine to help the refugees, but she claimed the separatists then stole the supplies from her.

You recovered the medicine from the separatists and must now decide who to deliver the supplies to. Yael and the sick refugees in the camp outside Fort Garnik are in desperate need of the medicine; however, the medicine could also save Republic lives if returned to Sergeant Hurd in Fort Garnik.


After obtaining the mission from Sergeant Hurd, head outside the fort to the refugee camp. Speak with Yael and she will admit to taking the medicine. She tells you the medicine was stolen by separatists and asks that you return it to her to help the refugees.

Travel to the mission marker and recover the medicine. Return to either Yael or Sergeant Hurd for your reward.


Turning the medicine into Sergeant Hurd will result in dark side points. Turning the medicine into Yael will reward light side points.

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