This lore can be found on Quesh.

Republic: X: 76, Y:1263

This lore is obtained in the Broga's Palace while doing the mission 'The Republic Strikes Back'.

Empire: x:-87 y:554

This lore is obtained during the quest 'Blood and Venom', it is received while talking with Sergeant Molvar.


Most commanders prefer to rely on rigorous training and good equipment to succeed, but no advantage can be ignored when soldiers’ lives are at stake. Since the Great War, the use of military adrenals–safe, nonaddictive stimulants that improve a soldier’s endurance, stamina or reflexes–has become more common. A good stock of adrenals can keep a company fresh and on its feet during a forced march, or save wounded individuals from succumbing to their injuries before help arrives. Naturally, military adrenal stocks are carefully regulated and, if possible, reserved only for emergencies. It is possible for soldiers to rely on adrenals too much and overstress themselves. Theft and sale of military adrenals, which are of the highest quality, has also become a thriving cornerstone of the galactic black market, especially on worlds like Ord Mantell.

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