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Galactic Republic Milo Phipps Galactic Republic

Milo Phipps

Level 10 Melee NPC (Standard)

Faction Galactic Republic
Species Human
Gender Male
Health 485
Planet Ord Mantell
Region Fort Garnik
Location [177, -46]
Status Alive
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic
Voiced by Ralph Gunderman

Milo Phipps is a male human mission-giver located in Fort Garnik on Ord Mantell. He currently works for the Strategic Information Service and is a former senator and one-time governor of Dantooine.[1]


Milo Phipps needs someone to break into the separatists' base and free a Rodian pirate named Veem Set. He believes that this pirate has information that could stop the war on Ord Mantell.[1]

Begins mission

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