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Galactic Republic Mira
Light Side Vendor
Galactic Republic


StrongLevel 30 Vendor NPC (Strong)

Faction: Galactic Republic
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Health: 4,665
Region: Republic Fleet, Carrick Station
Location: -4599, -4631

Mira is the light side vendor on the Republic side. She can be found in the Supplies section on the northeastern part of Carrick Station.


Mira offers a selection of goods for purchase for players aligned to the light side.

Vendor Store
536558.gif Advanced Spec Ops Boots Credit.png 8,000

530483.gif Advanced Spec Ops Gloves Credit.png 1,300

537025.gif Ascendant's Alloy Boots Credit.png 8,000

535557.gif Ascendant's Alloy Gauntlets Credit.png 1,300

Str sign green.png Circular Sign: Light Side Credit.png 10,000

530337.gif Enlightened Jedi's Boots Credit.png 8,000

536837.gif Enlightened Jedi's Gloves Credit.png 1,300

536820.gif Heavy Gunner's Boots Credit.png 8,000

535448.gif Heavy Gunner's Grips Credit.png 1,300

531537.gif Lightbringer's Boots Credit.png 8,000

Str large tech blue.png Lightsaber Forge (Jedi) Genericcannister.png 1

534769.gif Little SandCrawler Credit.png 25,000

529622.gif Praxon Aero Credit.png 300,000

536758.gif Stalwart Defender's Boots Credit.png 8,000

533180.gif Stalwart Defender's Gauntlets Credit.png 1,300

Improvedpowerconversionmodule.png Stronghold Label: Jedi Academy Credit.png 10,000

533996.gif Warrior Captain's Boots Credit.png 8,000

530931.gif Warrior Captain's Gauntlets Credit.png 1,300

531537.gif Whirling Shield's Boots Credit.png 8,000

532207.gif Whirling Shield's Gloves Credit.png 1,300