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Species miraluka Miraluka
Base classes: Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight
Social ability: [Sense Force Alignment]
Born without eyes, the near-human Miraluka possess the unusual ability to see with the Force, viewing all the galaxy by how the Force moves through it.
~ Character creation

Miraluka are a playable species in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are available only to Jedi characters unless unlocked through the Legacy or Cartel Market.


A near-human species with unrivaled strength in the Force, Miraluka can become powerful Jedi Knights. Hailing from a homeworld with no visible light waves, the Miraluka evolved to see their surroundings entirely through the Force. To cover their vestigial eye sockets, they wear veils and blindfolds that range from colorful to austere. Miraluka Jedi Knights charge into battle with the Force guiding the graceful attacks of their Lightsabers to always hit home.

See the Force[]

Though sharing common genetic history with humans, Miraluka have evolved into a significantly different species because they are born without eyes. On their home world of Alpheridies, the only source of light is a red dwarf star which emits light only in the infrared spectrum. Over the centuries, the Miraluka adapted and developed the ability see their surroundings through the Force. Though they retain vestigial eye sockets, Miraluka wear decorative veils and generally have little trouble assimilating into human society.

Miraluka have lived primarily in isolation over the millennia, but because of their Force sensitivity, they have had relations with the Jedi and some Miraluka have even joined the Order. That relationship has grown even stronger since Jedi Civil War when the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus destroyed the Miraluka colony on the world of Katarr. The only survivor of that attack—a Miraluka named Visas Marr—was known to have traveled with the Exile, Meetra Surik and later to have helped rebuild the Jedi Order.

In the years of the Great War, Alpheridies has remained an independent system, but many Miraluka have rallied to the Republic’s cause. Those who have joined the Jedi Order have proven to consistently be strong in the Force and exceptionally skilled in the martial arts. Some Masters speculate that it is precisely because of their trust in the Force rather than their eyes that they fight so fluently with Lightsabers. Regardless of where and how they serve the Order, the presence of the Miraluka within the Jedi ranks has been a boon. Many Sith Lords have learned the hard way that Miraluka can be dangerous foes.


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