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Missing in Action

Level 32 mission
Trooper Class Mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Markaran Plains]]
Start [[Ardon]]
End [[Technician Jalba]]
Previous Galactic Republic Icon class trooper.png [32] Recruitment Drive
Next Galactic Republic Icon class trooper.png [33] Smash and Grab


On the Imperial-occupied world of Balmorra, your mission is to recruit an demolitions expert named Tanno Vik into Havoc Squad. Vik is currently working as a mercenary for the Balmorran resistance movement.

A resistance leader named Ardon informed you that Tanno Vik is due to stop at a Balmorran listening post in the Markaran Plains. Go there and extract Vik.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Recruitment Drive mission description


  • Repair the Southern Comm Relay.
  • Repair the Northern Comm Relay.
  • Repair the Eastern Comm Relay.
  • Return to Technician Jalba.


  • Credit.png 2575
  • 9410 XP
  • Republiccommendation4.png 2

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