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Missions are game objectives that yield a reward, often in the form of player missions or Crew Skill missions. These may be referred to as "quests" in other games.

Mission icons[edit | edit source]

Yellow triangle
This indicates a mission is available.
Blue triangle
This indicates a repeatable mission is available.
White triangle
This indicates a mission is available but the player has not reached the level necessary to obtain it.
Yellow triangle with green center
This indicates a mission objective.
Small yellow triangle with circling parentheses
This indicates an area where a mission objective can be found.

Party mission objectives use the same icons as above but are shown in purple.

Types of missions[edit | edit source]

Aside from the normal Empire or Republic missions, there are other types of missions.

Area missions[edit | edit source]

Area missions are acquired when entering certain areas of a planet.

Bonus missions[edit | edit source]

Bonus missions are often given while doing missions. Completing these missions aren't necessary but give additional XP and bonus mission chains can give additional rewards.

Class missions[edit | edit source]

Class missions are specific to each class and drive the storyline throughout the game. Class missions will sometimes take place in class story areas.

Companion missions[edit | edit source]

Companion missions can either be conversations that provide XP and influence or missions that have objectives that need to be met. Companions will indicate when they have a mission by an icon on their portrait saying they would like to speak in private or a mission icon over their head while on the player's starship or cantina.

Crew Skill missions[edit | edit source]

Crew Skill missions provide a way of gathering crafting materials, gifts, and other goods at a cost. The list of available missions changes from mission to mission. Companions have a chance of failing the mission, returning with no reward. Both gathering skills and mission skills have missions available.

Daily missions[edit | edit source]

Daily missions are missions that can be repeated daily. These missions can be found on Belsavis (including Section X), Black Hole, CZ-198, Ilum, Makeb, and Voss. GSI daily missions can be found on Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, and Tatooine. Other types of missions can be completed daily including heroic and space combat missions.

Group missions[edit | edit source]

Group missions are specific to flashpoints and operations.

Heroic missions[edit | edit source]

Heroic missions can be found on every planet and require at least a group of 2 players to complete. These missions take place in heroic areas and involve strong, elite, and sometimes champion difficulty mobs. Heroic missions can be repeated daily.

Space combat missions[edit | edit source]

Space combat missions are acquired on a player's starship and reward XP and Fleet Commendations. There are also missions that can be completed daily.

Weekly missions[edit | edit source]

Weekly missions can be obtained on the Imperial and Republic Fleets and reward credits and Black Hole Commendations. These missions include PvP, heroic flashpoints, Section X, and operation objectives.