Assault on Fort Alde
Assault on Fort Alde
Mission Data
Start Enter Fort Alde area
End  ??
Level 30
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Fort Alde
Experience XP +??
Previous Next
 ??  ??

This is an open area mission intended for groups of players to work together in achieving the goals. The quest is acquired simply by entering the area.

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Defeat Alde Forces: 0/15

"Forte Alde is the pimary stronghold for House Alde in the Juran Mountains. This highly fortified locaiton gives House Alde a strategic advantage in teh area. The Empire has had an assault planned for months, but as been unable to breach their fortifications. If you could disrupt their defenses, the assault could commence, and the Empire could claim the fort.

Begin your assault by taking out as many defesnive forces as you can find within Fort Alde.
―In-game Mission Log[src]
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