A thief is on the loose in Anchorhead, Constable Bakishan told you that the worst loss hit recently when the state-of-the-art police surveillance holocams went missing. There's only one lead to go on: just before every theft, two astromech droids were seen in the area. The true thieves must be controlling them remotely.

Destroy worn-out astromech droids around anchorhead until you recover a remote device.


  • Recover Remote Device
  • Go to the anchorhead western warehouse
  • Track the astromech's controller
  • Defeat the Asassin Ultra Commando
  • Return to Neb Mumb


XP +8015

Credits Credits (875)

Choice of: 1 Planetary Commendation, Standard Premium Storage Case, lacqueroes battle armguards, lacqueroes barrage armguards.

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