Blood Sport
Mission Data
Start Zenzo
End Zenzo
Level 34
Type Empire
Repeatable for No
Location Imperial Occupation Grounds
The Sinking City
Experience XP +9968
XP +4981 Bonus
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"The Empire has placed a bounty on Taris's Nikto settlers and their vicious warrior caste: the Morgukai. A Mandalorian named Zenzo told you where to find them."
―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Loot Staffs from Morgukai Blood Warriors: x3

Bonus Missions

  • Nikto Bounty
    • Defeat Nikto Warriors: x20


  • The bonus mission is acquired from defeating any of the Nikto in the area.
  • You can pickup the Morgukai Codex entry while on this mission.
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