Bugs and Bombs
Mission Bugs and Bombs
Captain Ascercia and Sergeant Virne planning near Kitinitik Killik Slopes
Mission Data
Start Captain Ascercia
End Major Pharoth
Level 29
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Overrun Mining Path
The Juran Mountains
Experience XP +8531
XP +?? Bonus
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"Sergeant Virne and the now-crazed Captain Ascercia are the only survivors of a doomed mission to install a prototype Imperial sensor array. Their party was attacked by Killiks, and the Imperials carrying the sensors were killed and cocooned to the hive. Sergeant Virne has asked you to help recover the sensors.

Use the grenades Sergeant Virne provided on the cocoons at the Kitinitik Killik Slopes in the Juran Mountains. Then, search the dead Imperials for the sensors.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • Recover Sensors from Cocooned Soldiers: 0/6

Bonus Missions

  • Pest Control
    • Defeat Killik Forces: 0/25


  • Bonus mission will be given when attacking and defeating a Killik in the area.
  • The cocoons are located up on the sides of the mounds. You right-click them to toss the grenade at them.
  • The sensors are looted from corpse of Imperial soldier's that fall out of the exploded cocoon.
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