Culling the Nekghouls
Lightside Nekghouls
Master Sulan and his Light side Nekghouls
Mission Data
Start Melkor Dinn
End Melkor Dinn
Level 34
Type Empire
Repeatable for No
Location Border Assault Post
Tularan Marsh
Experience XP +9968
XP +4981 Bonus
Dark side icon +150
Light side icon +??
Previous Next
Rakghoul Observation Friends of the Republic

"With Thana Vesh, Gravus's rogue apprentice, you are assaulting Republic efforts to control monstrous rakghouls who were mutated by a Sith plague. Now a strainof Force-sensitive "neckghouls" has been discovered, and a Jedi named Master Sulan is coaxing them to the light side."
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • Locate the Abandoned Power Plant Reactor
  • Disable the Security Console
  • Destroy the Repulbic Security Droids
  • Pursue Thana into the Reactor
  • Speak with Master Sulan
  • Defeat the Nekghouls
  • Speak with Master Sulan
  • Return to Melkor Dinn

Bonus Missions


  • The bonus mission is acquired for defeating any of the Nekghouls in the area.
  • When you disable the security console, you will be attacked by the Republic Security Droids after a short dialogue with Thana Vesh via holocom. She's alerted them to your presence in an attempt to kill you.
  • There is an excess of Nekghouls in the actual reactor room in order to meet your Nekghoul count for the bonus mission.
  • There are three elite Nekghoul Nightmares in the phase. You may not need to kill all of them for your Nekghoul count, but you might want to get them all for their extra experience and potential loot.
  • A while after completing the mission, you will receive an in-game mail message from Melkor Dinn with the additional credits.
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