[HEROIC 2+] Cutting off the Head
Exterminating the Savrips is the mission's goal.
Mission Data
Start Republic Comm Terminal
End Republic Comm Terminal
Level 5
Type Heroic 2+
Repeatable for All Republic Classes
Location Ord Mantell
Experience +1449
Previous Next
 ??  ??

Cutting off the Head is a level 5 heroic mission available to all Republic players on Ord Mantell


The missions begins at a Republic Comm Terminal in Oradam Village. The text shows that an unknown population of savrips has been attacking Republic patrols on an island now classified as Savrip Island. The terminal request help from any source available to stop, or at least reduce, the behavior of these creatures.

Travel to Savrip Island and Kill Savrip Chieftains (x5)

Upon the mission's completion, return to the Republic Comm Terminal in Oradam Villiage to receive your reward.

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