[HEROIC 2+] Destroy the Beacons
Four beacons around the island, and they all need be destroyed.
Mission Data
Start Travi Pott
End Travi Pott
Level 5
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Smugglers, Troopers
Location Ord Mantell
Experience +1449
Previous Next
 ??  ??

 Destroy the Beacons is a level 5 heroic mission available to smugglers and troopers on Ord Mantell.


Travi Pott, a Republic scout at Oradam Village, has witnessed several crashes of Republic craft recently, and she thinks she understands why: the Separatists have set up a series of four jamming beacons around Savrip Island. She asks that they be taken out, and promises a reward if you come through.

Travel to the island, locate and destroy the four beacons.

Destroy the Southwest Beacon (x1)

Destroy the Northeast Beacon (x1)

Destroy the Northwest Beacon (x1)

Destroy the Southeast Beacon (x1)

Once all of them are destroyed, return to Travi Pott in Oradam Village to claim your reward.

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