[HEROIC 2+] Factory Recall
Several stages ensue in this mission to destroy Fa'athra's operations.
Mission Data
Start Gedron Hix
End Gedron Hix
Level 8
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents
Location Hutta
Experience +1953
Previous Next
 ??  ??

Factory Recall is a level 8 heroic mission available to Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents on Hutta.


Gedron Hix, a member of Nem'ro the Hutt's criminal organization, has been assigned to get rid of Fa'athra's operations in a series of weapons factories. He needs you to enter a tunnel system, sabotage a few consoles, and then storm the factory.

Sabotage the Security Junction Boxes (x4)

Several junction boxes contain security functions for the factory. Destrory them as you make your way through the tunnels to reach the factory.

Once you reach the factory, you'll have different tasks:

Destroy Fa'athra's Security Droids (x2)

Defeat Industrial Engineers (x4)

Destroy Fabrication Units (x3)

Once these have been done, return to Gedron Hix.

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