First, Do Harm
Medical Officer Willem and Patients
Medical Officer Willem looking over his patients.
Mission Data
Start Captain Taith
End Medical Officer Willem
Level 29
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Outpost Bolym
The Juran Mountains
Experience XP +8531
XP +4268 Bonus
Previous Next
 ??  ??


"Captain Taith's men are in desparate need of medical supplies. He has asked you to "requisition" some from House Organa forces in the area.

Acquire medical supplies from Organa forces at their Medical Camp along the river to Outpos Thrantus.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In order:
    • Steal Organa Medical Supplies: 0/8
    • Report to Medical Officer Willem

Bonus Missions

  • Malevolent Malpractice
    • Destroy Organa Kolto Tanks: 0/6


  • The bonus mission is acquired by destroying a Kolto tank at the Organa Medical Camp.
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