General Frellka
Mission Data
Start Lieutenant Pierce
End Lieutenant Pierce vai Holocom
Level 32
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Command Center
Experience XP +9412
XP +4706 Bonus
Dark side icon +150
Light side icon +??
Previous Next
Check In General Minst

Mission:General Frellka is part of the Sith Warrior Storyline.

"Darth Baras has deployed you to Taris to eliminate the four generals who make up the Republic War Trust. Lieutenant Pierce will assist your assault on your first target: General Frellka.

To locate General Frellka, intercept his caravans in the Brell Sediment. Recover three walker transponders, and you can use them to pinpoint General Frellka's position.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In any order:
    • Remove the Transponder from the First Walker
    • Remove the Transponder from the Second Walker
    • Remove the Transponder from the Third Walker
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Locate General Frellka
  • Defeat General Frellka's Guards
  • Defeat General Frellka
  • Use the Mine Computer
  • Exit the Mine
  • Use Your Personal Holocom


  • Mining Massacre
    • Defeat Republic Mine Forces: x20


  • The bonus mission is acquired from defeating Republic Mine Forces inside the Abandoned Pirate Cave.
  • When accessing the mine database computer, you will get a choice to initiate self-destruct or not. If you choose not, then you simply have to exit the mine and then use your Holocom to complete the mission. Its unclear what occurs if choosing to initiate self-destruct.
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