General Minst
Transport Station 5 Reactor Core
Reactor Core within Transport Station Five
Mission Data
Start Lieutenant Pierce
End Lieutenant Pierce via Holocom
Level 33
Type Sith Warrior
Repeatable for No
Location Tularan Marsh
Experience XP +9867
XP +4843 Bonus
Dark side icon +100
Light side icon +??
Previous Next
General Frellka General Durant

"You have learned that General Minst is near the reactor core inside the ruins of Transport Station 5. Go to the Tularan Marsh, infiltrate the Republic station and find General Minst."
―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Infiltrate the Reactor Core Hideout
  • Confront General Minst
  • Defeat Minst's Guards
  • Speak to Minst
  • Interact with the Reactor Vault Interface
  • Defeat Republic Troop Forces
  • Interact with the Reactor Vault Interface
  • Use your personal Holocom

Bonus Missions

  • Reactionary
    • Destroy the Shield Control Panels: x4


  • You have to clear at least one shield to reach General Minst.
  • Turns out the first General Minst is an imposter. As you came in you may have noticed a blast vault door. The actual General is hiding inside the blast vault.
  • While you are working on the interface to open the vault door, you will be engaged by 3 Republic troops.
  • Once inside you'll not actually need to defeat the general in combat, you'll just kill him on conclusion of the dialogue.
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