Mission Data
Start Agent Ryleah
End Agent Ryleah
Level 31
Type  ??
Repeatable for Daily
Location Nar Shaddaa
Network Security District
Transit Bridge
Experience XP +? - XP +7,904
XP +? - XP +4,830 Bonus(2X)
Previous Next

This quest is a heroic 2 quest and is repeatable.

"Holowan Industries is demonstrating new battle droids to their Republic clients. Agent Ryleah of Imperial Intelligence has asked you to sabotage this demonstration and steal the battle droids' schematics.

Download the droids' schematics from the Holowan Design terminals in the Network Security District. "

―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Download Battle Droid Weapon Schematics
  • Download Battle Droid AI Protocols
  • Download Battle Droid Armor Specifications

Bonus Missions

  • Holowan Massacre - Destroy Holowan Forces: 0/30
  • Clearing the Showroom Floor - Destroy Holowan Forces: 0/13


  • The first bonus mission begins after killing the first opponent in the Holowan Labs area of the Network Security District.
  • The second bonus mission begins after after moving on to the task of slicing the demonstration terminal.  Contrary to the mission description, its not limited to destroying the enemies inside the showroom area.  So if attempting the mission solo, it might be easier to pick softer targets outside the showroom and then only those necessary to access the terminal inside showroom.
  • In front of the demonstration terminal in the showroom is a room sealed by a blue force field.  The battle droid that will be 'glitched' is inside this room.  You will not need to enter the room.  Once you slice the terrminal, you can watch as the battle droid in the room wreaks havoc on those inside with it.
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