[HEROIC 2+] Hostage Situation
The Evocii Mastermind blocks access to the prisoners.
Mission Data
Start Foreman Rahmm
End Foreman Rahmm
Level 5
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Hutta
Experience +1035
Previous Next
 ?? Hostage Situation Cleanup

 Hostate Situation is a level 5 heroic mission available to bounty hunters and Imperial agents on Hutta.


Foreman Rahmm has been bombed out of a factory of which he was a foreman, but now that he no longer has control of it, he could potentially face the wrath of Nem'ro the Hutt. He used to have men under him following his orders, but they have been captured by the Evocii who raided the factory. He has asked you to get them out of custody.

Find the Factory Secutiry Terminal (x1)

The prisoners are being held behind a security shield in the basement. In order to get down there, you must deactivate the factory's security. Find the terminal and shut it down.

Get to the Basement (x1)

With the security down, you should be able to get to the basement without being caught. Make your way there.

Defeat the Evocii Mastermind (x1)

The prisoners are guarded by the Evocii leading the renegades that took over the factory. Defeat him to gain access to the prisoners. 

Release the Hostages (x1)

With the Evocii dead, you can get to the panel to release the prisoners.

Once this is complete, return to Foreman Rahmm.

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