[HEROIC 2+] Hostage Situation Cleanup
Get to the shuttle and plant the charges...but defeat the Evocii and the turrets first.
Mission Data
Start Foreman Rahmm
End Foreman Rahmm
Level 6
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Hutta
Experience +1215
Previous Next
Hostage Situation  ??

Hostage Situation Cleanup is a level 6 heroic mission available to bounty hunters and Imperial agents on Hutta. This mission is only available after the player completes the Hostage Situation mission first.


Because you released the prisoners from the factory, Foreman Rahmm is able to get them out safely. But he releases intelligence that the Evocii have somehow gotten their hands on a starship. He has asked you to get to it and destroy it.

Find the Rooftop Access (x1)

The ship is on the roof of the factory. Get to the roof and find the ship.

Defeat Baranj (x1) and his Turrets (x2)

The ship is being worked on by an Evocii named Baranj. He is prepering it for lift, and has two turrets guarding him as he works. Defeat him and his turrets to reach the ship.

Plant Dentonite on the Ship (x1)

Rahmm gave you a stick of dentonite to plant on the ship on order to destroy it. Attach it to the ship's underside.

Get to a Safe Distance (x1)

Once the dentonite is planted, get to a safe distance from the ship to avoid being caught in the blast radius.

Once the ship is destroyed, return to Foreman Rahmm.

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