Hunger of the Vrblthers
Mission Data
Start Network Access
Network Infrastructure
Mission Terminal
End Mission Dropbox
Level 23
Type  ??
Repeatable for Daily
Location Nar Shaddaa
Network Access
Network Infrastructure
Experience XP +5 - XP +4585
XP +5 - XP +2292 Bonus
Previous Next
 ??  ??

This quest is a heroic 4 quest and is repeatable.

Easier than Pound of Flesh and the fastest heroic 4 on the world, this is one i always try for

"Warning transmissions from Network Access indicate hordes of deadly vrblthers have infested the power station there. These dangerous beasts are killing everyone in the area and destroying the energy conduits that keep Nar Shaddaa's computer systems operational.

To repair the damaged critical power junctions, recover the power junction tool parts from the vrblthers at the Network Access power station in Network Access. "

―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Loot a Battery Pack from Savage Vrblthers
  • Loot a Coupling from Alpha Vrblthers
  • Loot a Control Chip from Elder Vrblthers
  • Loot Fasteners and Housing from the Supply Crates
    • Create the Power Junction Tool
      • Repair Critical Power Junctions (0/12)
        • Destroy the Access Breach and Defeat the Guardian
          • Return to the Mission Dropbox

Bonus Missions

  • Bonus mission: Exterminate The Vrblthers (0/20)


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