Marked Men
Datapad for Marked Men
Marked Men
Mission Data
Start Datapad (X:894,Y:386)
End Central Intel Database
Level 30
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Rugged Headland
The Juran Mountains
Experience XP +8812
XP +4706 Bonus
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"You found the body of a dead Imperial Intelligence operative who had been tasked with wiping IMperial names from House Rist's database of assassination targets. The entrace to House Rist's main compound is nearby, though it will be heavily guarded.

First, recover the target lists from the forces inside and near the entrance to House Rist in the Juran Mountains.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In order:
    • Obtain Rist Target Lists: 0/10
    • Access the Central Intel Database
    • Defeat Victor 'The Shade' Rist
    • Access the Central Intel Database

Bonus Missions

  • Ruined Ransom
    • Release Thul Prisoners: 0/4


  • You will obtain Rist Target Lists even before entering House Rist by killing the Rist forces outside, but you still must work your way through the building for the next steps.
  • If you take the first hallway on your right as you work through the building you will find a room with a Thul prisoner being held. Right-clicking the holding cell will release the prisoner and initiate the bonus mission (I assume any holding cell will start it).
  • The Central Intel Database console will be downstairs, accessible from the middle room of the building. You will cross over the bridge and then head the far left or right before leaving the room to find the ramp leading down.
  • When you access the console the first time, it will trigger 'Access Denied' and summon Victor. Its best to clear the room before triggering, at least the sparring Rist near the console.
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