Pre-Emptive Strike
Pre-Emptive Strike
Mission Data
Start Stanel Thul
End Stanel Thul
Level 29
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Outpost Bolym
Experience XP +8531
XP +4268 Bonus
Previous Next
Hive Mined Dirty Deeds


"After rescuing the Imperial inspection teams from the Killiks, you have discovered that House Ulgo is attempting to use a baradium detonator on House Thul. It turns out that House Ulgo pushed the Killiks into the Thul mines to distract them from something called "Operation Sun Shower".

Stanel Thul has asked you to deal with this new threat. Infiltrate the Ulgo fortress in the Juran Mountains, and arm the baradium detonator.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • Arm the Baradium Detonator
  • Seal yourself inside the Safe Room
  • Return to Stanel Thul

Bonus Missions

  • Bombs Away
    • Defeat Ulgo Forces: 0/15


  • The location you need to access to set the baradium detontators on the upper level of the Ulgo Fortress grounds. You can get there by taking the north trail at Ulgo Fortress and going up the ramps then winding around the fortress clockwise.
  • The bonus mission is acquired by attacking and defeating a member of the Ulgo forces within the phase that is accessed to set the detonators.
  • The Safe Room is the initial room you entered within the phase. To seal yourself inside the room you will right-click a small wall console inside the room just beside the doorway to the main room.
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