Mission:Rakghoul Rampage
Mission Data
Start Loot Infected Republic Sergeant from Rakghoul Roundup Bonus Mission
End Bounty Board Dropbox (Mission Dropbox)
Level 33
Type Empire
Repeatable for No
Location Transport Station 5
Tularan Marsh
Experience XP +17431
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"You have stunted the rise of the rakghouls and the plans of the Republic simultaneously.

turn in the Republic expansion plans recovered from the Infected Republic strike team to the bounty board dropbox at the border assault post in the Tularan Marsh so that they can be analyzed by Imperial Command on Taris.
―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Turn in the Republic Plans


  • This quest is given automatically upon completion of a multi-stage bonus mission for different quest. Its unclear why it was treated as a distinct mission instead of just a final step. Game mechanics for missions may have required it to be treated differently for purposes of handling the separate rewards.
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