[HEROIC 2+] Republic's Most Wanted
The Fondor Five need to be taken out at all costs.
Mission Data
Start Bounty Board
End Mission Dropbox
Level 10
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Coruscant
Experience +2520
Previous Next
 ??  ??

 Republic's Most Wanted is a level 10 heroic mission available to all Republic classes on Coruscant.


A gang of murderers known as the Fondor Five has been at large recently, but were spotted working with the Migrant Merchant's Guild on Coruscant. They need to be captured or killed as soon as possible. A high bounty is offered for the gang's demise.

Travel to the Fartrader Lounge in the Migrant Merchant's Guild territory and defeat the Five.

Defeat Chopper (x1)

Defeat Longeye (x1)

Defeat Burnout (x1)

Defeat Basher (x1)

Defeat Gutshot (x1)

Once all members of the Fondor Five are dead, turn in the proof at the mission dropbox outside the Merchant's territory to claim your bounty reward.

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