Set the Table
Republic Safe House
Traitor Fawste meeting with Republic General Gonn
Mission Data
Start Lord Avorr
End Darth Baras via ship Holoterminal
Level 32
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Imperial Fleet
Vaiken Spacedock
Experience XP +9412
Dark side icon +150
Light side icon +??
Previous Next
A Sith Lord's Rise Check In

Set the Table is part of the Sith Warrior Storyline. This mission begins Chapter 2 of the Sith Warrior Storyline.


"Following your defeat of Nomen Karr and your recruitment of his Padawan, Darth Baras granted you the title of Sith Lord and offered you a respite from your duties. But a warrior never rests for long.

Speak to Darth Baras via your ship's holoterminal to begin the next phase of your journey.
―In-game Mission Log[src]
Darth Baras is under direction of his master on the Dark Council, Darth Vengean, to find a way to escalate the Cold War between the Empire and the Republic so that a full-fledged open war can commence. He has asked you to travel to Nar Shaddaa and kill General Karastace Gonn. He feels General Gonn was key to the decision to sign the Treaty of Coruscant, and that his death could lead them back to war.



  • Although the in-game log refers to the Republic Safe House as being in the Lower Office Atrium area of the Industrial Sector, you actually reach it from the Repulic Power Generation area of the Upper Industrial Sector.
  • When you interrupt the meeting, you have the choice to Lie and act as if Fawste set the General up. Its unclear how this impacts the way events unfold. The tasks above reflect the Lie path.
  • Note the order requirement for fighting the Republic Sentinels and the General. The General will turn hostile, but until you defeat the Sentinels, you will be unable to harm him. Therefore, be careful to not waste your time hitting on him, while the Sentinels hurt you or your companion.
  • When you finish speaking to Darth Baras after killing General Gonn, you will unlock the Plan Zero Lore Codex entry.
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