Terminal Injuries
Taking down Vomba
Taking down Vomba
Mission Data
Start Captain Heedley
End Captain Heedley
Level 21
Type  ??
Repeatable for Daily
Location Nar Shaddaa
Mezenti Spaceport
Experience XP +5 - XP +4105
XP +5 - XP +4105 Bonus
Previous Next

This is a Heroic 2+ mission and is repeatable.

his is the first quest you will encounter on the world. It’s not super easy you will need some form of Crowd Control (CC) or good heals but there are lots of enemies to kill and you can rack up the exp.

"Captain Heedley of Imperial Security Forces has tasked you with taking out a deadly pirate named Vomba. Vomba has used his gang's influence to take over a portion of the Imperial spaceport.

His gang has disabled the security droid consoles. Reactivating the consoles in the Mezenti Spaceport Plaza should give you the support you need to take Vomba's gang down. "

―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Repair Security Droid Console 1
  • Repair Security Droid Console 2
  • Repair Security Droid Console 3
  • Repair Security Droid Console 4
    • Breach Vomba's Security Door
      • Defeat Vomba and His Men
        • Return to Captain Heedley

Bonus Missions

  • Dispatch Vomba's Gang Members (0/45)


  • The Mezenti Spaceport Plaza is on the west end of the Mezenti Spaceport and is a phased area.
  • The bonus mission begins upon defeating any of the Vomba enemies inside the plaza area.
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