[HEROIC 2+] The Face Merchants
The surgery droids being controlled by the Black Sun are the mission's main goal.
Mission Data
Start Security Officer Stansun
End Security Officer Stansun
Level 11
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Coruscant
Experience +1840
Previous Next
 ??  ??

 The Face Merchants is a level 11 heroic mission available to all Republic classes on Coruscant.


A Republic Security officer, Stansun, has a theory as to how wanted criminals have been eluding capture for so long: there might be a clinic under Black Sun's control that alters the physical appearance of these people. And even if he theory is wrong, that clinic needs to be shut down so the battle between the Black Sun and Coruscant Security can draw to a close.

Obtain a Clinic Passkey (x1)

In order to gain access to the clinic, you need to find a passkey. Defeat the Black Sun forces close to the clinic and loot a passkey from one of them.

Access the Black Sun Clinic (x1)

The passkey should get you into the clinic.

Destroy Illegal Sugery Droids (x4)

Once inside, you'll need to stop Black Sun from completing any more of these surgeries. Destroy the surgery droids spread around the building.

Download the Clinic's Client List (x1)

The clinic should have a terminal somewhere that houses the information of all the criminals that have been altered beyond recognition and how to locate them. Find the terminal and download the list.

Once this is accomplished, return to Security Officer Stansun and deliver the list to him.

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