[HEROIC 2+] The Man with the Steel Voice
Geric is a man poisoned by pollution, and has asked for your help to purify a river.
Mission Data
Start Geric
End Geric
Level 5
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents
Location Hutta
Experience +1449
Previous Next
 ??  ??

The Man with the Steel Voice is a level 5 heroic mission available to bounty hunters and Imperial agents on Hutta.


Geric, an old man with an artificial lung and respirator, has asked for your help. He was working on a method of purifying a river filled with pollution. He has the means of doing it, but because the river is patrolled by Evocii renegades, and because his bad lung prevents fast travel, he needs you to do it for him.

Investigate the Filter Station (x1)

Reach the filter station near the river in the Old Muckworks.

Speak to Bow-La (x1)

Bow-La is a Twi'lek who understands what Geric was attempting to do. Having been in his company, she began to realize that he was mad, and that his concoction would only make the river worse than it already is. She asks that if you want to purify the river, you do it in another way. There are several filter control valves that you could deactivate to clense the river. They are spread around, but it's better the Geric's concoction.

120px-Light Side Icon +50 for betraying Geric

120px-Dark Side Icon +50 for helping Geric

Progression - Lightside

If you choose to do as Bow-La says, then you need to locate and change the controls on the four filter control valves around the Old Muckworks.

Destroy the Southeast Control Valve (x1)

Destroy the West Control Valve (x1)

Destroy the Northwest Control Valve (x1)

Destroy the Northeast Control Valve (x1)

Return to Geric after this.

Progression - Darkside

If you choose to assist Geric, then you need to add his chemicals to the river.

Apply Chemicals to the Filter Station (x1)

Return to Geric. He will congratulate you and offer you a hidden cache as a reward. He can't reach it, but you can. Find the cache and claim Geric's reward.

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