The Plan is Working!
Rendezvous with Jaesa
Meeting with Jaesa Willsaam
Mission Data
Start Jaesa Willsaam via holoterminal
End Darth Baras via holoterminal
Level 31
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location your ship
Experience XP +9412
Dark side icon +150
Light side icon +??
Previous Next
Deal with Kendoh The Padawan Exposed

The Plan is Working! is part of the Sith Warrior Storyline.

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"Jaesa Willsaam, the Jedi Padawan you are hunting for Darth Baras, has contacted you and called a meeting to end this conflict.

Use your ship's galaxy map to travel to the Distant Outer Rim. Once there, rendezvous with Jaesa's ship.
―In-game Mission Log[src]


  • In order:
    • Travel to Jaesa's Ship
    • Investigate Jaesa's Ship
    • Use your ship's holoterminal


  • The location for Jaesa's Ship will be in the upper right of the Distant Outer Rim Galaxy Map, appearing as a station icon.
  • After boarding the ship, and clearing the bulkhead to the last room on Jaesa's ship a dialog will begin with Ulldin and Zylixx. They waiting in place of Jaesa and inform you that Nomen Karr has convinced her to abandon the rendezvous.
  • A short while after the confrontation you will receive an in-game mail from Jaesa explaining that the ambush was Nomen Karr's idea. She states that Ulldin was a friend and she's just controlling her grief. She wants you to "stop the madness".
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