[HEROIC 4] Trouble in Deed
The deed is in a safe, but is guarded by Justicar Forces.
Mission Data
Start Luran Gonthor
End Luran Gonthor
Level 15
Type Heroic
Repeatable for Yes
Location Coruscant
Experience +2715
Previous Next
 ??  ??

 Trouble in Deed is a level 15 heroic mission avelible to all Republic classes on Coruscant.


The owner of Gonthor Industries, Luran Gonthor, has been kick out of his warehouse by renegade Justicar Forces. He is fine, but the fact that his business is lost is eating at him. If he had his deed to the business, then he could have the Justicars removed from his warehouse. But the deed is in a safe in his warehouse. He has asked you to get to it and retrive it for him.

Go to Gonthor Industries (x1)

Travel to the Entrance to Gonthor Industries in Justicar Territory.

Activate the Elevator (x1)

In order to reach the deed you need to fight through the Justicar forces and reach an elevator leading to a balcony, where the safe is located. Fight the Justicars and activate the elevator.

Recover the Deed from the Vault (x1)

The deed is guarded by three Justicars. Fight through them, reach the safe, and recover the deed.

Once you have the deed, return to Luran Gonthor to receive your reward.

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