Zero Protocol
Zero's Lair
Zero's Lair
Mission Data
Start Commander Stron
End Commander Stron
Level 31
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Nar Shaddaa
Network Security District
Transit Bridge
Experience XP +7,904
XP +5,534 Bonus
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"Commander Stron wants you to eliminate a rogue slicer called "Zero."

To find Zero, you must begin by triangulating his location. Plant tracer spikes on the data access terminals in the Network Security District through which Zero is sending his signals "

―In-game Mission Log[src]

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  • Spike the First Computer Terminal
  • Spike the Second Computer Terminal
  • Spike the Third Computer Terminal

Network Security District Computer Terminal

Defeat the Free Enclave Droids to access and spike the computer terminals in the Network Security District.

Bonus Missions

  • Zero Sum - Terminate Free Enclave Droids: 0/18


  • The bonus mission is acquired from defeating any of the enemy droids in the Network Security District. Any of these robots count towards the Free Enclave Droid kills.
  • To access Zero's Lair, you will go through the Heroic Area where Heroic World Boss, Battledroid R4-GL resides. He will be in the back left of the room and should be easily avoidable. Across from him to the right is the lift that will take you up to the level that Zero's lair is on.
  • Zero is a droid standing in the middle of the run, so easy to mix up with the others.
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